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SMS Text Message Marketing


Focal Point Advertising, established in 1987 has a proven 25 year track record and we firmly believe we have the team and knowledge to provide you with a positive experience you will not forget. Whether you need us to work with you on a one off campaign, or you want to select just one of our services, or you want to become one of our long term happy customers, we look forward to working with you.

SMS Text Message Marketing

With 88% of the UK adult population have access to a mobile phone, SMS (text messages) are a great way to promote your business directly to interested consumers wherever they are, allowing you to send them the exact information they are looking for at the precise moment they want it.
Consumers carry their phones with them all day, every day. SMS Marketing from Focal Point is a simple, measurable way of getting information to customers and forming a relationship.
It strengthens your organisationís marketing strategy, boosting the power of online, Radio, TV, print or outdoor marketing.
This type of marketing allows you to engage, inform and entice with your customers, no matter what time of the day it is.

How it works:

ENGAGE: Thereís your advert for your latest offer, featuring a simple text message number and code. Your customer is interested and wants to know more. It doesnít matter that itís 7pm on a Friday night as they can text the code to the number.

INFORM: In an instant they receive a text message response. Itís friendly, welcoming and personalised by you in advance. It gives them all the information they need so they can take you up on your offer, discount, competition or promotion.

ENTICE: Your advert is then always in their pocket. The customer doesnít need to write down a phone number, tear out a voucher or remember to visit your website. They donít need to wait for your opening hours. They react: you respond and itís all automated and maintained by Focal Point.

Richard Knight, Managing Director
Focal Point Advertising
Tel: 01256 767837
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